Tips on animation and videos

Tips on animation and videos

As applications and enhancements, the audience needs more advanced presentations. And as the decline and budget sink, executives spend more time than ever before.

It’s true that many ideas for behavioral animation have never changed: The “old” principles of Disney 12 have been set in stone as a rule. On the other hand, moderators need to grow with industry and try to work on time and on budget.

By collecting these tips, we have considered ideas that are a quick fix for the producers, but will continue to benefit from their work as they continue to work.

The animation system is more important than ever …

01. The photo operation captures one word at a time

The best thing is to have a clear body in your words at the expense of a change without problems, especially in advance. The animation follows rhythms and phrases, each with its own purpose. For an area where the shop assistant helps the customer, a word may be activated when a customer comes in. The next one might be putting his hands in his pockets as he listens to the customer.

Use each word as your own recording. Limit the line of your calendar to show only the words you are currently working on and create the beginning, middle, and end of the animated idea.

02. Eliminate time for interaction

Avoid connecting the whole body during contact. For most actions, especially the fastest ones, instant messages are not intercepted in the 24 fps movie. Above all, you will enjoy the movement toward the end of the conversation and beat your bows. When the character takes a drink, the hand is a strong force.

Hold your hand in the mirror and turn the contact point while staying in good arcs. Now adjust the position of the mirror and avoid the mirror so that you can lose the contact time between the pictures.

03. Playblast is a lot of waste

Do not be afraid! Of course, there is no substitute for watching your movie in real time, and you should absolutely watch your animate to produce something. However, hours have been lost every week to play dance and playback games for your recovery time by creating a layer or button to hide everything in the image, except patterns and options for the agent. So you can only play a game to watch the movie.

If you are working with a very serious location, request your DT or your supervisor. Most types of films have a copy of the geometry box for the bone to enable the possibility. If it is not possible, you should at least record the text as you watch your PlayBlasts to avoid repeating.

04. The face shape is movement, not just

It is often asked if there are things that show that they always cover the faces to ensure that the behavior can effectively demonstrate a natural nature. The answer is that the true sense of motion movement is called: a shake of the lipid when the behavior is crying, flirting, if the person does not have many words, or the picture is hardly pressured so that it does not laugh.

Treat these feeble facial movements and movement movements as close as possible.

As some of the possibilities are not possible in particular designs, sometimes you have to cheat. Mike Wazowski of Monsters, Inc. He does not have his nose, but he feels on the screen on the screen at the beginning of the movie. He does this by pushing down his pads down as low as possible. This option clearly shows that we do not need specific things or even anatomy to read facial exercise. Without you smiling, we have read Mike’s motion in the mouth. You can also be clear communication with your face face as you learn the movements of the face, not just the pictures.