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Five Reasons for home security

5 Reasons to Install a Home Security System

Home security systems are becoming more common in Phoenix. Residents that are building new homes are putting home security systems Phoenix in right away because of the safety feature. A security system is a great way to protect your home and your family from the threat of a burglar. Here are 5 reasons why installing a security system can benefit you.


1. Preventing Potential Crime
When someone installs a security system, the number 1 reason is to deter burglars. When you think of a security system, a burglar is usually what comes to mind first. Security systems are great because they set of an alarm if your house is broken in to. The moment the burglar hears the alarm they will making a mad dash away from your house. When the alarm is triggered, the police are immediately notified. Anything you can do to keep a potential burglar away is the perfect reason to get a security system.

2. Detect Smoke and Fire
Not only do security systems detect break-ins, they also detect smoke and fire. The fact that security systems now double as a smoke detector is huge. Unfortunately there are several house fires each year in the United States. If smoke or fire are detected, the security system alarms the police and fire department immediately. This can be a life saver for your family if your house should catch on fire.

3. Get a Discount on Home Insurance
If you have a security system installed in your home, then you will get a discount on your homeowners insurance. That sounds like a good deal, right? Of course it is! Many insurance companies will lower your premium by 15 to 20 percent. Insurance companies do not want to have to put any money out if they do not have to. With a security system installed, the chances of a burglar breaking in are lowered.

4. Control Your Home Remotely
Sometimes you leave your home and forget to lock the door. With a security system and a smart phone, you can actually check the status of your home when you are away. Many security systems even alert you if a window or door is left open. No need to worry about what is going on when you are away from the house.

5. Help Law Enforcement Respond Faster & Save Lives
Home security systems trigger law enforcement the moment that something happens. This could save the life of someone who is need of medical attention right away. Many security systems even have a two-way intercom system installed. You can talk with responders and let them know what is happening.